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*bows* Yes, Master.
[to Cpt:] How are the Defenders faring?

[Cpt:] Not very well, Sir...we've lost two of them already. This Jedi is better then we thought.

[Drode:] Put me on a comm channel with their leader.

[Cpt:] Yes sir.

[Defender leader:] What is it, Admiral?

[Drode:] Let me tell you something, Lieutenant: Let the Jedi slip away and you and your entire squadron will be put to death. Do you understand me?

[D Lead:] *gulp* Yes sir.

[Drode:] What is your progress?

[D Lead:] We have brought his shields down, and I believe his hyperdrive is damaged.

[Drode:] Don't fail me...

[Cpt:] Sir! We've lost too many Interdictors! We can't hold them any longer!

All hail Lord Nazgul!
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