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Originally posted by SpecialForces
and if its not an illness then why would you want to have sex with your own gender!?
You call it an illness, but I call it a variation. Perhaps it's a genetic variation, perhaps not. But it is certainly occuring and has been for all of recorded history.

In fact, why would you want to have sex with someone of an opposite gender? You only need to reproduce a few times in your life, but I would hazard a guess that you might consider "mating" more times than that, perhaps even after you've had all the offspring you want.

The answer, quite simply is pleasure.

As to whether same genders are "designed" to have sex with each other, that's really not a valid argument. Particularly since the male reproductive organ fits well in at least two orafices in other males and females can achieve sexual gratification quite well without penetration.

I call that efficiency of "design."

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