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Originally posted by SkinWalker
The answer, quite simply is pleasure.
And before anyone says "pleasure is no good reason for a relationship to form", well, just take a look around. Many people around the world are together simply for pleasure, with no intention of having children, which deems the "perfect design" for men and women as useless.

Homosexuality is a difference of opinion, not a disease. And the only way you can "cure" an opinion is to enforce a set of rules against it (in this case, from a religious stand point).

Originally posted by lukeiamyourdad
2. I don't get it myself, I have no real idea of what must go through their heads. But then again, it's all different for everyone.
I don't like it that you're referring to them as if they are completely different people. We are all human beings, we all have different views and thoughts on certain subject...this one just happens to be sexuality. Well, what about someone who was asexual. Would you condemn them as "abnormal" because they didn't conform to the stereotype that they must be attracted to the oppositw sex?

I find it amazing that we've become a society that can advance forward in so many ways, yet we're so afraid of harmless change such as this.

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