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Originally posted by SpecialForces
Ok, ill be strait up..

I HATE [homosexuals]!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good job being straight up, but just because you believe somthing is wrong, does not give you the right to disrepect somone... Homosexuals are people, and every person has thier own right to be respected. Simply because you dont agree with them doesnt mean you have to hate them

Here is one thing I believe, Homophobia is an illness.

Originally posted by Lathain Valtiel
Ah, but it should also work in reverse. However, if we had a straight parade today, how many cries of bigotry and anti-gay would you hear? It's a double standard, and one I am not very pleased with for one...
To True... To True...

Now, I think that marriage should remain as a thing between a man and a woman... but If homosexuals want thier unity, let them have (as arnold suggested) a mutual relation ship.
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