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well then u will have to notice nromal hum behaviour when they surf the web!

for example normally when u surf the net and there a fourms section will u go in and see what it abt( well not much but some)

and after seeing will they post? anything most probably not as they r lazy to register juz to post something plus most of them also doesn't know what to post! especially raj where is a totally new idea unlike mods like aotc.etc where it made from movices or previous starwars game so those guys can jump in straight and post something like oh i remember a level in dark force with a lot of dead bodies lying around! will it be in the dark force mod too? kind of question

so we must develop ways to beat this kind of natural behaviour

there r ways of couse like demo.etc which can attract even more also........

of course u can also try minor ways like search engines for things like buisness that is good but for mods well not that good how often do u see ppl go to search engine to search for a jk3 mod? most of the time they will go to to find it well but it does help butr not much (yea i managed to make the search phrase jk3 mod on search engines like yahoo andgoogle to place us in the top list when it keyed in

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