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Here's what I mean: it's the same people that espouse radical feminism (don't get me wrong, I think women's rights are awesome and absolutely essential - just not some of the extremist agendas), the homosexual agenda, and incredible degrees of moral relativism.
I'm VERY interested in hearing an example of an 'extreme' feminism 'agenda'...

If a woman does the same job as a man, then they should get paid the same wage... Does that seem extreme to you? did seem too much for many religious groups - using the defense of 'it will harm the family unit'.'s one thing for a church to 'suggest' to it's members that the woman should stay at home and mind the kids -and get the dinner ready for her bread-winning husband. I may personally think those kinds of 'pigeon-hole' attitudes should have completely died back in the 60's. But if a particular religion wants to preach that to it's members - go right ahead - I don't mind...

...but to protest against it on a 'law of the land' level - and thereby trying to enforce their moral judgements onto ordinary citizens who have professed no belief in their particular religion and who just want to be treated fairly as individual human beings - well - it's offensive and rediculous...

and I still call it an illness.
please define your understanding of the word 'illness' and then explain how homosexuality would fall under the catagory of an illness. We've already been through this before in other threads, but I guess progress can only be made SO fast... :/

If thats not the case and you like your own sex, you must have been abused, raped, or have grown up in some way that damaged the way you think and behave.

You either need to grow up, or get out more.

This myth that gay people are created by some kind of abuse of 'unhappiness' during childhood would be funny, if the insinuations caused by them weren't so serious.

If you actually open your eyes, it won't take you long to realise that there are many, many, many homosexuals who are prefectly happy, well adjusted individuals as 'normal' (whatever the hell that means) as your likely to meet.

..sure, there are quite a number who aren't exactly happy with their lot! But would you be, with the kind of rubbish that is being said about you?! Like the kinds of things that are posted on forums like these...?! doesn't take a genius to work it out...

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