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...but they push for women to have HIGHER wages than men, and MORE political power, because "men have shown that they cannot run this world, and women have consistently displayed superior qualitys!"
OK - if that is indeed what 'extreme' femamism is, then ok, I admit that is not right or correct. Any wages should be based on the abilities of the indiviual regardless of their sex - period.

Unfortunately, when a particular demographic have been unjustly treated and then this mistreatment has been recognised and 'corrected' by the majority, there will be some who still hold a grudge against all the injustices of the past and STILL want more 'payback'.

In one sense, I can't really blame some people for these attitudes. After all, were not talking about minor injustices here...

But anyway, we can't let these kinds of 'back-lashes' effect whether what happenned before WAS actually an injustice.

Women not recieving equal pay WAS wrong. THe fact that there are some women who can't let go of the past and who now want the inequality to go the other way shouldn't distract from the fact that the way it was before WAS wrong...

It's the same deal with the homosexual issue. Just because there can and will be extremists on BOTH sides of this argument, doesn't mean the central issue can't be discussed in a sensible manner.

...and to brand 'equal' or 'human' rights - in and of itself - as an 'extreme' issue, in ANY way, is a bit of a cop-out to try and avoid the actual issues imo...
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