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Originally posted by Darklighter
I don't like it that you're referring to them as if they are completely different people. We are all human beings, we all have different views and thoughts on certain subject...this one just happens to be sexuality. Well, what about someone who was asexual. Would you condemn them as "abnormal" because they didn't conform to the stereotype that they must be attracted to the oppositw sex?
I never meant it that way. You misinterpreted it. Sorry...I'll try be a little more politically correct next time

Oh and extreme feminism is bad...very bad...hey it's not like any man tries to stop the women from doing what they want(ok except for some retarded guys). They target everyone regardless of who they are and what they meant to do.

I remember someone saying something about one of Arnold's movies where he sticks a woman's head into a toilet. They said it was offensive toward women. It's a movie damn it!!!

Just an example of extreme feminism... -A friend of mine and an aspiring filmmaker.
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