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most of the proponents of gay marriage are more against the traditional family than for gay marriage.
This statistic may be true, but that does not affect the facts surrounding the main issue.

...I for one am certainly NOT against the traditional family. I was raised in a traditional family, and I plan to raise my family ... when I get married (to a woman, I'm hetro...) a 'traditional' way. NOT because I think that's the only choice I've got, but because - well - it's a perfectly valid way to live.

But I am STRONGLY against you, or my goverment telling me how my family should work. I'm not talking about a family which is abusive. Of course in these cases, the law has a right to intervene. But this has no relavence to homosexual marriages...

As far as your insistence that :

a. homosexuals don't want marriage
b. homosexual marriages wouldn't work

...I - along with the others - are waiting for you to back these claims up properly. Until then, they are just words. I know for a fact that in many, many cases, the above statements are LITERALLY not true. (Where a long-term homosexual relationship is taken in equivalance to a marriage, and where a marriage would have taken place had it been legal)

and as far as these notions that allowing homosexual marriages will bring about the downfall of society - please -save those for people who are impressed by over-dramatic statements with no basis...

if homosexual commitments can be defined as marriage, what's wrong with polygamy? Sodomy? Incest?
THis is the ONLY sensible argument I've heard from the anti-homosexual union side in this debate, and it's worth debating.
However, to quickly show an example of not debating it properly, I'll just quote what you said straight after...

I know I'm going to get slammed for this, but there is literally no difference:
...there is no difference between homosexuality and incest...?! These are exactly the kind of crazy, inaccurate points which turn these kinds of discussions into the intellectual equivalent of bar brawls!

Yes, incest COULD be consenting. That doesn't make it the same as homosexuality! That's perfectly obvious...
Hetrosexual sex can also be consenting. So now hetrosexuality is the same as incest?!

If were going to debate this, for goodness sake, be willing to debate it properly...!
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