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Okay, here's some data to begin with.

This is an interesting article on homosexual parenting at The Christian Institute. Yes, I'm aware that it's Christian, and so "biased" - but this is good info. See the section where it talks about "Incidence and Partnerships" on length and whatnot.

Next is a reference on various sites regarding "Project SIGMA" which did intensive study of gay relationships. The thing is, it's almost impossible to find the actual study's results pertaining to this in a short amount of time (like what I have). If anyone else finds it, could they let me know?

I'll work on finding more, but until Christmas break and after finals, I'm going to be really busy.

CTBD - I was trying to make a point quickly. There is no difference in that it's between consenting adults (except in cases involving minors or force, which are obviously criminal). But there's no reason incest should be illegal if homosexuality in marriage is fine.

While I must run now (to next class) I will try to find studies regarding whether or not they want long-term relationships. If I could get a little help from the other Christians it'd be nice!!!

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