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*The Demons pounce on the group. Davin responds by firing off his m79, making quick work on a few Demons, then takes his double barrel and kills another.

As few more demons crowd around him sniffing the air.*

Damon "Heh heh heh. I should have guessed, a half demon. The sent of human is thick on you."

Davin *smirking* "Too bad I can smell better, 'cus I smell it on everyone of you."

Demon 2 "Shut your mouth Half breed! You haven't killed not a one yet!"

*To Davin's surprise the demons whom he shot stand up slowly to brush themselves off, laughing.

By now a third of the demon's attention was on Davin.*

Demon "Whats the matter, didn't know we don't like half breeds!"

Davin "I'm not a liar, I smelt it on you. But no matter, if i can't kill you with these,.." *Drops the guns* "I'll kill you with this!"

*Davin pulls out his silver sword, runes etched into the blade glow, which soon after the entire blade glows, making the runes dissappear in the light.*
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