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Sure I can accept that they feel that way.

That doesn't mean I have to agree with it, nor does it mean that I have to believe it's right. Just as I believe that premarital sex is wrong, I believe extramarital sex (or homosexual, or whatever) is wrong. Now, yes that is strongly influenced by my religion. But I'm also attempting to show you that it's influenced by other factors. I just haven't had time to demonstrate it all the way.

Good point about the animals thing as a metaphor. I'll try to watch that. But the point remains - you can't know, so you err on the side of caution. But the animal was to consent (in some strange way, it's just a thought) it would be just as right as homosexuality.

Morality is internal, yes. But it's based on external truth, or should be. Maybe it's time to debate that a little over in the rational/irrational thought thread (if we didn't already cover it). I believe that my morality regarding this is based on fact. You (and others) choose not to accept it - as is your right. It's my job to find the facts - and your job to find stuff that disproves what I've said. Just because I have to find the proof to demonstrate that what I say is true doesn't mean you guys don't also have to find proof to show it isn't. Something that I haven't seen a whole lot of on this thread... But I've got to go, so...

I'll keep researching that stuff and see what I can get. By the way - that Project SIGMA was a secular research project completely unrelated to anti-gay agendas. It actually has some pro-gay bias, from what I've been able to see, so...

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