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and if its not an illness then why would you want to have sex with your own gender!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
Oh my god, that girl has dark skin!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111 She must be suffering from a skin illness!!!!!!!!!!111

Oh my God, can you believe that guy just ATE a cow?????????!!!!!!! They just took a living cow and killed and ate it! Mental illness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111111111111111111 1111

Just that you think it's gross and doesn't lead to reproduction doesn't have to mean it's a mental illness. Homophobia, on the other hand...

Oh, and stop comparing pedophilia and animal sex with homosexuality. While I think pedophilia maybe is medically the same as homosexuality (although I don't see what good purpose it would serve?), sex with children and animal is abuse. Sex as a mutual agreement is different.

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