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Rommie: Commander Celchu a spatial anomally seems to have effected our shuttle in some way...I suspect we lost severla Coruscant Standard Days...I suggest we make with all haste to Yavin and Make contact with Luke...I can only hope that he can remoce the evil influence of the hated Lord Nazgul from Corran's Body...

Messege from the Fleet:
Andromeda, theres a small freighter within our Security zone may we speak with the Commander and find out how he wishes us to prosecute the matter.

Rommie: I'm afraid not Admiral, Corran has asked not to be disturbed, Interdict the Freighter and take it aboard, use ION Cannons only we don't need people sniffing around but there no reason to kill them. I suspect it is Dreggen meddling in our affairs without need again, I will Speak to him Personally on my return, Also Admial keep him in the Yaslamir Habitat I suspect it should suit his unique talents nicely, make sure to contian his co-pilot as well......and confiscate any equipment you think would interest me or the commander for us to inspect on our return.

Admiral: Yes Ma'am it will be as you say.
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