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Why? I have to agree with them on this... If homosexuality is so right, then what is wrong with having sex with a family member? I mean, if both family members agree, its ok isnt it?
Or how about an animal? I mean what if the animal likes it?
Or how about a kid? what if the child enjoys it also?
I'm not even going to answer this.

and if its not an illness then why would you want to have sex with your own gender!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????
I want to further address this: The only argument you've used against gays is that they have a mental illness. So let's suppose for a second that that is true (which it isn't, and I should hardly have to point that out, should I?). Well, just that someone has a mental illness doesn't have to mean you have a sound reason to hate them.

Do you hate everyone who's bipolar or depressed too? Do you hate everyone who have Alzheimer's? Do you hate people who hear voices? Do you hate people with Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome?

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