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Originally posted by CloseTheBlastDo
[B]...on the contrary, I believe the analogies Dagobahn Eagle used were perfectly valid.

A lot of vegaterians do indeed see killing and eating a cow as barbaric and unmoral... Now I'm not one of them (I'm not a vegaterian), but it demonstrates the point were trying to make.

...if you have no better reason to dislike homosexual unions then 'you don't like homosexuality, it's revolting, disgusting blah blah blah' - well - plain and simply, that's just not a good enough reason. It would be the same as a vegetarian trying to tell me I have no right to eat meat JUST because they don't agree with it.

Do vegeterians have a point? In certain respects, they have very good points. But do they have the right to tell me what to do JUST because we have different moral outlooks?

...hell no is the answer to that...
Ah ah ah, don't be hypocritical... You just told him that 'it isn't a good enough reason', in essence telling him to think differently as well. It is not your right to tell him if his reasons are good enough unless by a technical standpoint.

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