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*Lokpihet hears the joke and laughs*

Lokpihet: Hiyo!

*Deac is not amused*

Deac: Only one way to find out...

*Deac enters the portal, and finds himself in the centre of a crowded street. The people are dressed for winter, except a few. All wear clothes that Deac is not familiar with. Fortunatley, he sees a few handy Rebel Pilots*

Deac: Excuse me, what planet am I on?

Pilot#1: Earth man! Outer Rim, Milky Way Galaxy!

Deac: I don't believe I've heard of it...

Pilot#2: My first time too. I'm from Vulcan *shows ears. Deac looks more confused*

Passer by: The convention centre's two blocks away- NERDS!

Deac: My gods. I've gone through a portal and arrived on the strangest and most backward planet imaginable...."Earth"!!!

*The terminator theme begins to play. Then the man in the television shop changes the channel so that the theme to "Doctor Who" can be heard, then finally the theme to "Teletubbies"*

Deac: Thank god this is only a christmas special...


Orthos: Shouldn't we go in after him?

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