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I wasnt planning on posting here.. because i truly think its pointless. but anyways..

If thats not the case and you like your own sex, you must have been abused, raped, or have grown up in some way that damaged the way you think and behave.

I agree mostly with this, but i dont think that has to happen to be homosexual. You know how you can "convince yourself" of some things, im sure thats happend before. Also, ive said this before, but i know a guy in school thats homosexual, and his dad hates him. I think what happend was (i could be wrong, since i dont know the guy very well) he lacked the "male attention" from his father, so he decided to look elswhere for it, becoming homosexual. Like i said, it may not have happend, but I think its possible that it did. I dont know, maybe his dad hates him because he is homosexual.

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