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RH Irvine "I donno. but..."

*RH Irvine is interupted by two small humanoids dressed in semi-worn out clothes.*

*One of the small creatures pulls out a gold ring on a necklace, he proceeds by making a short chant of some strange and exotc sorts...*

Small humanoid "Ring goes on" *Dissappears* "Ring goes off" *Re-appears* "Ring goes on" *Dissappears* "Ring goes off" *Re-appears* "Yes Sam!" *talking to his companion* "We shall go fourth to Mordor!"

*His companion whom twas named 'Sam' holds a look on his face with embarresment.*

Sam "Alright, let's go."

*The two jump into the portal.*

RH Irvine *in a squeeky voice* "...precious..." *Coughs while shaking his head real quick.* "Sorry, where was I? Oh yes! the portal, Sure let's follow Deac..."

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