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Originally posted by lukeskywalker1
I agree mostly with this, but i dont think that has to happen to be homosexual. You know how you can "convince yourself" of some things, im sure thats happend before.
Well, then perhaps you are convincing yourself that you are heterosexual when you are indeed homosexual. Maybe everyone is. And don't tell me that "it's not natural!" Hardly anything we do is natural anymore. If you want to go out and hunt for twigs and berries (the NATURAL way we get food) for a month, please do so. If you survive, I'd be willing to listen to your "natural" argument.

As humans, we are smart enough to have homosexual relationships yet still continue to populate the Earth.

Originally posted by lukeskywalker1
Also, ive said this before, but i know a guy in school thats homosexual, and his dad hates him. I think what happend was (i could be wrong, since i dont know the guy very well) he lacked the "male attention" from his father, so he decided to look elswhere for it, becoming homosexual. Like i said, it may not have happend, but I think its possible that it did. I dont know, maybe his dad hates him because he is homosexual.
Doctor Phil, there is nothing below the surface here. Plenty of fathers disown their sons and some of them are gay. Some of them are straight. Plenty of fathers love their sons. Some of them turn out gay. Some of them are straight. Some fathers are gay. Plenty of their sons are gay. Plenty are not.

You can't just draw a single line and say that A causes B. The human mind is much more complext than that. Hell, a monkey's mind is much more complex than that. A person is the collective sum of every nanosecond in their life. You can't just pinpoint one thing in someone's life and draw a conclusion. It doesn't matter if it homosexuality, pedophilia, inferiority complexes, superiority complexes, love, hate, or humor. Just because your nanoseconds equate to heterosexuality does not Billy Bob from High School's nanseconds are messed up at one particular sliver of time. It does not mean your nanoseconds are messed up either.

Just as there are universal laws that we are taught in science class, everyone's universe is their own. They have their own set of rules. Their rules do not apply to you. And you do not apply to them.
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