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*A young woman is hurrying through the dark, empty streets of Coruscant. She never liked being outside during the night, not in this neighborhood. Suddenly she hears footsteps and she stops and looks around. No one is there and she quickens her pace desperate to get home. Her heart beats quickly as she hears the footsteps again and before she can turn around a hand clamps down over her mouth. She kicks and struggles but she is able to do nothing as her attacker drags her into one of the allies. She is thrown to the ground and her jacket is torn off. She can see the person, a man, going through her pocket and she is too terrified to move. Suddenly a shadowy figure drops down behind the man and she can hear a crack as her attackers head connects with the nearest wall. She scrambles back from the person who walks towards her now and she closes her eyes* Don't hurt me! Please! *When she opens her eyes again, she's alone*

*Death sighs as he walks away from the girl. He just saved her life and still she terrified of him. That's how it usually always is. Oh well, he's not doing this to get praised. He's doing this to help people. The crime has been unusually high lately. Something big is going to happen soon...he just hopes everyone is prepared for it.*

A world without Savage Garden is a very sad world indeed. At least there's still Darren to make things a little brighter.

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