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*above them, the shadow moves, takes a small device from his belt, and clicks it twice. Two other smaller shadows quietly materialize in a twinkle of blue light; a boy and a girl. The first shadow turns its head toward them and speaks.*

Termand Rwos: Hello Cody, Cheetah. I hope I wasn't interrupting anything.

Cody: Oh not really. But I think you crashed the simulator we were in.

Cheetah: Well, I was winning anyway.

Cody: You were not.

Cheetah: Yes I---

Termand: Shhh! See down there? That one guy in the trenchcoat talking to the guy in the cloak.

Cody: Ya, I see. What about him?

Termand: There's a bounty on his head. A big one.

Cheetah: Like the one on yours? *looks around* This IS Coruscant, right?

Termand: Ya, it is. I mean, yes, it is Coruscant, but the bounty on this guy is really high. High enough that many people would kill to get it.

Cody: Really. And let me guess: You want us to help you, since you can't turn him in yourself.

Termand: Well ya, that's...basically it.

Cheetah: Interesting. But why not one of your Blade friends?

Termand: Wellllll....because I'm not supposed to BE here. I was supposed to leave after I got my dimension-teleporter fixed.

Cody: So who is this guy, anyway?

Termand: Everyone calls him....*dramatic pause* Death.

Cody: *incredulously* <u>Death???</U>

*suddenly, below them, the subject of their conversation looks up right at them*

At last we will reveal ourselves to the Jedi.
At last we will have revenge.

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