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Hmmm,who should I choose?
Urrow T.Silent:*raises hand*
Okay, There's one....
Sacred Anger:I am on a mission at Corascant. you may as well take me.
How come I'm taking all Jedi?
Urrow:*Glares a look that says"You just blew my cover!"*

*In a dark alley in the city of Corasscant, three figures stand,Discussing a seacret misson....*
Fig.#1:And you say the girl was kidnapped by a Female wearing leather boots and had a Blaster Rifle?
fig#2:yes...she also had her head shaved. Obviously, a Bounty Hunter.
Fig#3:*raises hand for silence*
fig#2:what is it?
fig#1:Wait, master! I hear some thing!

Who is who?
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