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Wraith 5
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Wraith 9:
ooooooh... aaah... that hurt big time.
*stands up on his feet and falls down again*
AAAH!! it think i broke my foot.

Dark Forse:
WOW! who was that??? and what did we do???
oooh man... are you alright?
Am i glad we got of those bikes before annything happened.

Wraith 9:
Hey... contact Wraith 5 will ya. Im dying out here.

Dark Forse:
SSSSSHHH ... hush will jah. there still up there. i think there one of those Sith lords, that my dad use to talk about.

Wraith 9:
U still got that Lightsaber that jedi gave you?? because if they return we better be prepared. come on lets move out.

*Dark Forse takes out a comlink*

Dark Forse:
Yo Wraith 5. where are you? well we got our ass kicked by some flying freak. ok. ok we will meet you there. Dark out.
*puts comlink back*
we are going to meet Wraith 5 in the old bar: The golden Space.
Come on ill help you.

*Dark Forse picks up Wraith 9 and they both go into the darkness*
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