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??? "Tell me about it."

*Leaning up agenst a wall stood a very young man, roughly 17, with blonde hair. RH Irvine jumps through, and reconises.*

RH Irvine "Hey I know you! Aren't you a little old for this time frame, havok?"

Havok "Aw, can't I just introduce myself now? At least now my 'creator' desided to at least give me a name."

RH Irvine "Yeah, but you're only what 6 in this current time?"

Havok "No, actually, in this current time I'm less then a year old!"

RH Irvine "Oh right, right. Cloned. gotcha."

*Havok already 'ticked', turns away.*

RH Irvine *muttering* "I wonder if the brains behind creating malice knows that the brains behind creating him would start having him call his 'mother'..." 'Hmmm, makes a plot. I think.'
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