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Davin *taunting the demons* "So, I take it that you are all apart of selective breeding?"

Demon 3 "Maybe, I'll ask my parents that." *Lunges with his sword.*

*Davin parries the sword, swing his, grazing the backside of the demon. The shallow wound sizzles for a brief moment as the demon hisses at Davin. Another demon pounces at Davin, only to have himself stabed in the lower torso. Davin, throws the dieing demon off his sword, but gets two demons pounced on his back, making him fall over.*

Demon facing Rwos "What sort of demon are you?"

*Meanwhile, WH Irvine's presence can be still felt. Then a sound os his saber igniting, then a second presence which seems to appear breifly, then dissappear. The sound of WH Irvine swinging his saber, and not connecting to another saber.*

*Then voices can be heard outside, hardly made out, even with the best of ears. Then the second presence can be felt again, this time not going away. It was a very dark presence. The sound of the two in a saber lock was presant.*

??? *A young voice, spoken aloud enough to be heard clearly* "Whats the matter Cracern? Don't have it in yourself anymore? I felt it, you can't kill in cold blood anymore can you?" *A pause* "What surprised that I've learned your own techique? Ha ha ha. I've put more practice into it." *then he speaks softer.* "DIE WEAKLING!!"

*If anything could be heard, it was the destintive sound of force lightning, and WH Irvine screaming. He screamed for roughly 30 or 40 seconds. Then the dark presence was gone. WH Irvine's presence emencely weaker then before.*
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