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Ah ah ah, don't be hypocritical... You just told him that 'it isn't a good enough reason', in essence telling him to think differently as well. It is not your right to tell him if his reasons are good enough unless by a technical standpoint.
Sorry, my mistake.

I said you can't just 'dislike' homosexuality for so and so reason. Sorry, I typed the wrong thing. I meant to say 'ban' homosexuality (i.e. gay marriages).

...I've edited my post and corrected that...
I'm not saying people don't have the right to dislike gay unions - they do.
I AM, however, against people telling other people they can't have them, just because they don't personally like it.

And I also mirror C'jais and SkinWalker's worries about how accurate or 'meaningful' the stasistic mentioned is - concerning the frequency and duration of homosexual 'closed' relationships.

You DO have to take into account the fact that these homosexual relationships will be under immense pressure. I'm sure many of them are conducted in secret, to avoid condemnation from people such as those who post in this forum.
...and you thought celebrity couples had it bad!! I can only imagine what it must be like to try and hold a relationship like that together - with a good majority of the world looking down on you - and comparing you to animals...

..but anyway, in the end - the bottom line is I don't think the statistic even matters, even if it IS accurate, or representitive of the under-lying truth.
The fact is if two gay people ask for a marriage, but are told that they can't because statistically, the marriage isn't destined to last - that's just blatently irrelavent. WHy should a statistic decide the fate of THAT particular couple?

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