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Announcement; Infos and "Need help" =)

There will be new Tierra 3D creations soon.
In one week I have 3 weeks holidays!
That means a big forward for Tierra 3d and the new staffroom

So I thought too maybe there is someone who wants support/assist me?

With stuff like animating ( build up IK systems, bone weights ) , and physics! ( like tell me how to use or use Simcloth! for Maxr4! )
Iam a noob so you have to be very good to use my models / creations =)

A good help would be some mapping /textures too, for rooms and other objects like glasses of any art.

I do this beacuse Tierra is much work, and it takes very lobng for me to realise it.

I could do it alone but some things i dont even learned by myself.

So any reactions are welcome=)

(Software I use is 3d MAX R4, Adobe Photoshop 7 )

So then..bye people =)

- supreme pleasure -

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