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Ok, Gay couples "statistically" don't last, so what, neither do many heterosexual relationships. Hell my parents are divorced. So are we saying you can't get married unless you are destined to live a wonderful life in a monogamous relationship?

Why do many of these homophobic men say it's not right to be gay unless you're a hot blonde with huge assets and are kissing on another chick of equal hotness? I support all harmLESS "alternative" lifestyles (I use the word alternative loosely because who am I or anyone else to label peoples personal lives). People use the example of incest and child molestation, well I have statistics for you, child molestations and acts of incest are more often commited by the Heterosexual people. So if you are a heterosexual man you are more likely to rape a little boy than a gay man.

Now the thing about the argument of if we allow gay marriages we should allow child sex, well that's just complete and utter bullsh*t (as stated many times before), the point of allowing gay marriages is to give free rights to two consenting adults. Rape, incest, pedophilia, and beastiality are not harmless choices, they are damaging and life altering events.
I remember hearing of a time when whites were not allowed to marry blacks or anyone non-white people, Christians used the bible to protest interracial marriages, just as they do to say gays can't marry. I also remember when whites considered non-whites to be animals in a human shape, Christians used the same "unatural" case then as they do now with homosexuals. People need to understand that using religion to interfere with personal choices (of a harmless nature) is pure BS and complete fascism. Many of these people against gays are also the guys saying America stands for freedom of choice and religion and life, liberty yada... yada well I think they really mean America stands for freedom of choice and relgion unless it's not my religion and the same choice as me.

Personally I don't believe in marriage in the religious fashion, I just wish to be married to symbolize my love for the woman I love, and for those wonderful financial benefits (shared tax filing, lower taxes, lower mortgage rate, etc.)
Just because you allow gay marriages to be recognized by the state doesn't mean the church should be the place it's set at. Hell when I get married I'm getting married at the courthouse, marriage isn't just a religious ceremony.

Though I think churches should accept gay marriages like they eventually did interracial marriages, but as I've said before, this is America: where everyone has a choice and a voice, NO ONE can force their opinions on anyone.

I believe in freedom of speech but I also believe in courtesy and being polite.

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