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Christians used the bible to protest interracial marriages, just as they do to say gays can't marry.


Christians used the same "unatural" case then as they do now with homosexuals.
When? Where? Link? Ive never ever heard about that? Not even in school... or anywhere. Im not saying it didnt happen, but I just want to know what happend. How did they use the bible to back themselves up? I've never read anything in the bible (that i can remember) that says whites and blacks cant mix. Now, i have read, there is no male nor female, no jew nor greek, no slave or free... so that basically says everyone is equal... ill stick with that. Also, im not sure if i said that right, im not sure where its at (dont remember) but the meaning is still the same.

Even if it did happen, if they didnt actually have something from the bible, its most likely a "false prophet" whos just starting trouble If they did, ill check it out.

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