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Originally posted by lukeskywalker1
When? Where? Link? Ive never ever heard about that? Not even in school... or anywhere.
It was a pretty common thing back in the day I was in school, but perhaps not so common now... I think it can be found in Alabama and other "deep South" states.

Basically, the idea stemmed from passages in the Bible that stated that Christians should marry only Christians. Since Christianity was largely a "white" institution back in the middle ages (at the era of the Protestant Reformation for example), non-whites were generally considered to be non-christian.

A look at the OneHumanRace website will show both sides of the argument (they present the other side but argue against it).

Basically, some fundamentalists, even today, use argue that because of Acts 17:26 and the mention of "one blood," people should stick to their own race. This bible verse must really be read into to get that, however!

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