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It's not the Bible that's going around voting against homosexual marriages, refusing to take down a monument of the Ten Commandments, blowing up abortion clinics and murdering doctors.

True, and I doubt God ment for "christians" (keep in mind, i seriously doubt they are christians) to blow up abortion clinics, and murder doctors.

Actually, interesting. You say homosexuality is harmless, and theres nothing wrong with allowing it. But, the ten commandments statue wasnt exactly doing anything wrong.

Remember, its not the bible's fault or God's fault that people do things. He commands, we can obey, or not obey. Hes not responsible for it.

Basically, some fundamentalists, even today, use argue that because of Acts 17:26 and the mention of "one blood," people should stick to their own race. This bible verse must really be read into to get that, however!
A christian cant use that to say you cant marry a black or white person. Think about it, according to the religion Adam was the first man, whether he was black or white is irrelavent. He was the first, therefore everyone is related, included blacks and whites.

Basically, the idea stemmed from passages in the Bible that stated that Christians should marry only Christians.
Yeah, think about how much we argue/debate online, and we dont even know each other. You think 2 people married together could live "peacefully" unless they both believe the same thing? Im not saying it couldnt happen, because it could, but it could also fail.
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