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Originally posted by ZDawg
I love it that every debate in this forum turns to an anti-Christian argument...

Insanesith, please do not mistake the Old Catholic church of England, for the modern day Christian churches of America.

The Catholics also burned anyone they thought was a witch, and many other ridiculous things.

Interracial? please do read some of the old testament before you say that people would not marry out of race... try the story of Sampson for example. Among many other story’s, even before the old law was fulfilled
ZDawg, I AM talking about the AMERICAN protestant churches in the 40's all the way to the 70's. In the south there is still the conservative denomination called Southern Baptist, They use the bible to claim interracial marriages are against god, just as many people say gay marriages are against god.

If you lived in Texas you can still see this racial fiasco crap still going on. I can't even walk down the street talking and holding hands with my Japanese girlfriend without some people looking at me like I'm a traitor to some cause. You want proof of what I'm talking about? read some books on the 50's and the KKK's reign of terror age. Christians much like yourselves (not accusing you all of being racist, just saying was a mainstream thought of many christians that are much like you all) were supporting the KKK because they believed the bible said non-whites could not have the same freedoms of whites, nor could they marry whites. The sad truth is many people still hold that opinion today. Now, they seemed to have expanded it to gays cannot marry. Technically by not allowing gays to marry the organized religions and governments (state and federal) are reviving assimilation.

PS: In the 50's a majority of all protestant denominations felt non-whites shouldn't have the same rights as whites, but after the civil rights movement people wisened up and went back to being the good people they were supposed to be, but the people that still felt segregation was the way of god, they became the Southern Baptist denomination of Christianity.

Oh, one of my mom's friends (a devout christian, much like you lot here) was appointed to work at an abortion clinic, that was understaffed (the UTA rapes brought in A LOT of pregnant teens who were victims of rape), It was later attacked with bricks thrown in windows, gas bombs thrown in, 3 people died including my moms friend and a nurses baby was killed. People who say they are pro-life really piss me off when they say they want everyone to have an equal chance at life, yet they bomb, assault, and flat out murder staff members of abortion clinics, patients at abortion clinics (many who have not yet had the abortion, thus making the pro-lifers the abortionists!), they also kill innocent people who are just walking infront of the damn building.

You probably won't hear about these stories unless you are a medical professional or have a parent or someone you know that is in the medical profession, many of these stories are actually kept quiet unless public awareness of the incedent is an absolute.

Oh and for those who don't realize the racial hatred in America during the 50's and 60's I recommend Ghosts of Mississipi. Hell check out the Rodney King story, one of the officers who beat him said Blacks were against god and unnatural.

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