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Originally posted by lukeskywalker1
Whats your point? The bible says homosexuality is wronge like 3 or 4 times. the main times i can think of is in Leviticus, and Romans. It never says you cant marry a person of different color. I dont care what they say, I care what the bible says, and as far as I know it doesnt say I cant marry someone who is a different color.

Also, you may be confused with the mormons (im really not sure if they consider themselves christians or not) but i *heard* (correct me if im wrong...) that they believe that blacks are "demonic" people or something.... and whites are pure... idk.
I'm not confused with mormons. And I'm not saying you should agree with them, I'm just stating the similarity of their believing non-whites shouldn't have the same rights as whites, with the claim of gays shouldn't have the ability to marry. It's from a book. I don't disagree that Christianity has helped a lot of people, but like anything else in this world it has also hurt a lot of people. I won't say Christianity is the worst religion because it's not, all religions are bad together.

I'm just more prone to using Christianity as an example because I live in Texas, member of the bible belt.
I have equal amounts of problems with all religions. It's just people who criticize are more likely to criticize what they are surrounded by.

And my point is just because The Bible say something doesn't mean it should be law, it doesn't mean it's always black or white on the issue, there could have been a different intended meaning to the lying with men as one lies with a women thing. People make mistakes, it's called Misunderstanding, hell I'm a victim of it all the time and I misunderstand alot.

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