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I finally got the gold a few days ago! It was rough, and I got the EXACT time I needed without even a second to spare--whew that was close.

1. Do not use "ABVUSEAY" code for guided missiles -- this will slow you down.
2. Save the missiles for the Droidekas in the plaza (first rescue), the bonus area (second rescue), and the final courtyard scene. If you do it right you should have enough (with the UYCZNCAX code) to knock out all the droidekas with missiles--this is a key to the time issue.
3. Don't waste them on the tanks, just get the blaster upgrade & rapid fire upgrade and it'll suffice.
4. Don't bother with the two droidekas you encounter after the first rescue -- they just slow you down.
5. Learn which droids you need for kills and what you can skip -- time is the hardest requirement!
6. For accuracy only shoot when you know you'll hit, otherwise just run over the droids -- they still could towards kills.
7. As was said, take the tunnel!

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