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Deac: Is that an important planet or something?

[Note: Players of Freelancer will notice it's the largest sector!]

*Deac then notices a familiar figure in a shop window*


Lokpihet: Hey Reletha, we need to do something evil.

Reletha: I suppose.

Lokpihet: Want to kidnap the most important person to an Earth Christmas?

Reletha: You mean.... Jesus! No wait...we can't kidnap deities.

Lokpihet: No...

Reletha: Dick Clarke? Then they would never know what year it was!

Lokpihet: I mean Father Christmas!

Reletha: You mean Santa?

Lokpihet: Just because Star Wars was American doesn't mean we should stop being English! Yes! Let's go to the north pole, kidnap him and then hold him ransom for the earth. That sounds like a fiendish enough, yet Christmassy enough silly plot!

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