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Lightbulb Passcodes Revealed!

Here's some codes from Cheat Code Central and Lucasarts that are useful:

UYCZNCAX -- Double Secondary Fire
ABVUSEAY -- Guided Missiles
NOSKILZ! -- Infinite Lives
NIZWAGAO -- Opens all alternate Naboo ships
FRBPTDAY -- Opens Sith Infiltrator (replace N-1)
XFIIYBAY -- Opens Swamp Speeder (replace Gunboat)

Two previous unknown codes I tested:

ADJJCCAY -- Turns on "wave pool" effect in water levels

FJJCUAAC -- Cluster Seeker Missiles !!!!!!!!

I'm excited to try out my new cluster missiles! They're not as effective (accurate) as the V-Wing in RS, but still a great asset especially if you double the secondary fire!

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