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*Outside, WH Irvine struggles to his feet, and moving as fast as he could inside.*

*Meanwhile,... the young man stands up, brushing himself off slightly.*

??? *To che'* "Fine then, believe what you want." *While looking at Che', speakingot Deac.* "I am Havok, son of Lady Malice."

*Havok smiles, putting away his lightfoil. He points to
Che' with two fingers, turning his smile into a dark grin.*

Havok "You got a nice sense of humor. Should have found it ironic that the man whom was in here before once decimated the entire jedi order single handedly. Now he can't bring himself to take a life. I gave him credit on his previous ackomplishments to perhaps turn to my Master's side once again. Losing one's way is quite an unpromising delima, don't you think?"

*Using the hand thats now not holding the lightfoil, he brings up to force grip on Che' with a much strong hold then WH Irvine had, keeping Che' immobilized. He then shoots CHe' with force lighting form his two fingers, releasing the force grip.*

*WH Irvine re-entering the room.*

WH Irvine "Havok!"

Havok "Still want more? Now about this, prove yourself worthy again and kill these pathetic creatures!"

*WH Irvine pullin gout his ligthsaber, and force throwing it at Hovak, igniting just before it reaches him*

WH Irvine "NO!"

*The lightsaber ignites last moment, Havok releases his force lightning, as the saber flys towards him, he disspears in a black mist formed around him just before. Then reappears on a balcony unscathed.*

Havok *sounding very pissed* "You just signed your death warrant!!"

*Havok disspears and WH Irvine collapses, also the saber.*
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