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Being the "Venusian" I am, I may be spinning off on a tangent here with my comments but...

I'm a bit partial to Shiva, the Destroyer myself.
I wonder what he has been destroying...
Add a Buddha statue, a stone effigy of the Koran for effect and round it off with a statue of Ba'al in case he has any worshipers left.
Oh sure, I guess fair is fair. I guess the courthouse is going to get a bit crowded.
Originally posted by lukeskywalker1 Yeah, think about how much we argue/debate online, and we dont even know each other. You think 2 people married together could live "peacefully" unless they both believe the same thing? Im not saying it couldnt happen, because it could, but it could also fail.
Well but we like to debate things of interest. Some couples do not engage in much discussion at all, which would be very dull. So long as they respect that the other party can differ, and it not be a personal attack, no problem.

Where do you draw the line on beliefs? One thing I'm sure about in this world, is that there are no two people who believe in the same things.
A curious statement. I disagree. Perhaps you meant that no two people believe in everything the same.

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