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Excellant points Skin...

A christian is one who believes that god sent jesus christ to earth to do his work.
Yeah, thats a christian.. I should be more specific "born again christian"

Timothy McVeigh is a prime example of it.
Wasnt he responsable for the Oklahoma City Bombing (might have the name mixed up) and got the death sentense back in 2001? Well.. I think blowing up a building speaks for itself... he disobeyed God. He murdered people, and rebelled against the government (i think he did that right?) If he called himself a christian, then let him, but im just not quit sure how God planned for him to blow up a building... and if he did, im sure God would have "bailed him out" if it was really God's will.

I've yet to hear even one command or request made by any god. I've read and heard a few people claim various god's have commanded various things....
Well, you dont believe in him (right?) Also, if you think the bible is true, then you will read several commands given by God.

That quote is the reason for me trying out the new personal opinion tag. It doesn't seem to be working right....
New feature? Or just something you made up to say "its my opinion"? Either way, nice idea.

Well but we like to debate things of interest. Some couples do not engage in much discussion at all, which would be very dull. So long as they respect that the other party can differ, and it not be a personal attack, no problem.
Well, not talking a lot isnt healthy for a marraige anyways (ok ok, im not married, what do i know?)

We are fast becoming a nation of limited progress and will be outpaced by Germany and Japan, both of which were greatly behind the United States in technology and ecconomy only 50 years ago.
Well, I think they are kind of smarter and more motivated than us anyways. In fact, i view them as the smartest people on the planet... afterall, just look at what they accomplished. It was only about a couple hundred years ago Japan didnt have guns. Plus i view America as "spoiled" and i think a good deal of the people are lazy. Not all, just a lot. Could be wrong...

By that, I'm assuming you're referring to the stone idol of christianity in the Alabama courthouse?
Strange.. Idol? Im not sure, but if God viewed it as an idol, then maybe he would wanted it gone? But it wasnt worshiped... it was symbolic. Why did you use the word idol?
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