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sorry for the double post but i suddenly think of something i dun noe if i posted earliear and that is

(erm for tito but if u r interested u can post as well)
maybe we can release wallpaper or those jediacademy startup screen(the screen that come out after u clicked the jedi academy icon) for RAJ? this will take lesser time to made and also help to increase popularity. and also be sure to include the raj website url.... in those pics so they can see it and compress it in a zip file together with a notepad file saying like most mods.etc describing the installation instruction and also list the site url bla bla or u can introduce the mod from there?

just a suggestion

and ahhah we reached post 300 this is the 301 post if i'm not wrong

Reborn Ancient Jedi........

Reborn Ancient Jedi...A SP total conversion mod for JA.Whole new storyline.etc set between Jedi Outcast and Jedi Academy...

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