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Deep Sea Archaeology

This is too cool...
Exploring the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean with Robert Ballard

An excerpt
"Support for this complex science and technology program is being provided by a number of sponsors. The Office of Naval Research has focused its support on the development of HERCULES and its support technology. HERCULES is the first vehicle ever developed for undersea archaeological excavations and employs a number of advanced optical and acoustic imaging systems as well as a sophisticated force-feedback manipulator.
The National Science Foundation is interested in supporting our newly emerging field of deep sea archaeology. In particular NSF is interested in the work being carried out in the Black Sea and its shallow undersea terrain which may contain information about early human habitation prior to its flooding 7500 years ago.
NOAA's Office of Ocean Exploration is also interested in the exploration of the Black Sea, most importantly, the exploration of its deeper anoxic waters where highly preserved ships are known to be. In addition, NOAA is interested in the development and use of our new ship to shore command control technology.
Shelby White and Leon Levy are major sponsors of our Eastern Mediterranean program with particular interest in the two Phoenician ships we first discovered in 2000 and mapped in collaboration with Dr. Larry Stager of Harvard University.
The National Geographic Society's Expeditions Council is participating in and helping to support all aspects of the Black Sea and Eastern Mediterranean program, but is most interested in the Phoenician shipwreck program and the initial phase of a long term investigation of the offshore region of Egypt in search of some of oldest shipwrecks in the world."
Deep submergence technology
Deep sea expeditions

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