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ZOMG It's Kookee!
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*WH Irvine rolls over and begins to eminate a soft blue aura around him. He was healing his wounds enough for him to stand.*

WH Irvine "You truely don't know do you? Lokpehit is Syrnl's son. He's been cuasing a good deal of problems in the past, but he's still around. This Malice, is merely a clone of Syrnl's gone wrong. And that kid's just merely someone who they adopted."

*WH Irvine gets to his feet, looking around seeing all the demons dead.*

WH Irvine "Look, I'll admit it, I did at one time, regretibly, ally myself with lokphiet in the past. Since then I've done some horrible things. All i want to do just want to atone for what I did. I'm just here to finish off a few favors that I promised and I don't have to deal with them no more, but now I'm screwed, becuase I don't want to kill anymore."

*In the corner the commander demon used his power to shape shift himself as a dead demon. He laid motionless.*
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