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*Che` picks herself off the floor* He caught me off guard. Next time I'll finish him.

H'lena: Outclassed? Hardly. You'd be surprised what an equalizer a bit of intelligence is in any situation. Oh, and nice to meet you. My name's H'lena. I'm a...battlemage, I guess you could call it...a bit like your---*she can't resist a hidden smirk*---your Jedi.

Che`: I'm Ch...Che. You can call me Che`.

Trael: My name is Trael Cean'R.

Rwos: I'm Termand Rwos. I don't know you yet it seems, Flax, but if my memory serves me I either knew you or one of your relatives quite well. Forgive me, my memories are a bit clouded for some reason.

A'melie: I'm Cheyla A'melie, and I still don't understand what's happening here. What is this "Rebel Alliance"? And why aren't the Jedi Order handling something like this?

H'lena: Shouldn't you know those things? You're from this universe...

Trael: But not necessarily from this time frame. *He looks at A'melie expectantly. The Twi'lek looks nervous, and names the year. [She is from slightly before The Phantom Menace timelinewise]*

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