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Amazing.... click this link to see the USS Yorktown, which was torpedoed by the Japanese during WWII and currently resides at 16,650 feet below the surface of the Pacific Ocean.

Unfortunately, though, when most people think of "underwater archaeology," they immediately think "sunken treasure."

Here's an article that is interesting, but exemplifies the sunken treasure thing:

I think there is still a lot of headway to be made to separate the "treasure seekers" from the archaeologists. The Earth is covered with around 70% water and much of it has been navigated throughout history. Some of the best archaeological records can be found, particularly in the anoxic environments of the Black Sea and even in the Baltic, since there is less intervention by humans with development etc. Fishing, bridge building, pipelines etc. offer ways of destroying the archaeological record, but there isn't near the human influence under the sea as above it.

Good thread NileQueen!

If anyone makes a religious arguement out of it, I'll delete their post!

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