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*Flax stops kissing Sophae long enough to take his jacket off.*

*Sellena shakes her head, takes a final look at her sister and the reprobate she married and jumps through the portal.*

*Hal, Kal, and Mirra emerge on Earth, Sellena follows a moment later.*

Hal: Mom and Dad were "catching up" so we left them to it.

Kal: It should be illiegal for married people to have sex.

Hal: Did dad never give you the "talk"

Kal: Talk?

Hal: About the birds and the bees?

Kal: What are Bees?

Hal: Never mind.

Sellena: Colonel, My Brother in Law should be along in a couple of hours, or may I call you Deac? *She gives Deac "the" smile.*

((Same smile Sophae uses to get what she wants.))

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