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Dark Forces on WinXP and newer Operating Systems

Since this is always coming up, I think it's high time we had a sticky containing all the information anyone would need to get Dark Forces running on the latest Operating Systems. There is a common myth among the DF community that the game won't run on anything later than Windows 98. This is not true. There are tonnes of people out there who have it running, me included. Read on if you are having trouble...

Getting Started:

1. Try a regular install from the DF CD.

2. Doesn't work? OK, try this:

This is a very useful guide, and most people who follow it can get it working fine on their systems. I hear of very few people who ever continue to have problems after using that guide.

3. Still doesn't work? Try this:

This is a DOS Emulator. I haven't tried it personally, but I hear good things about it. Give it a shot!

Sound Problems

Sound problems are common when running Dark Forces on newer Operating Systems. No music is one of the most common, or simply no sound at all.

Sound emulation is very much the way forward, and almost always works. VDM Sound is the one most people recommend, and works great for me. Here is the link:

Further Problems

Head here:

DF-21 is pretty much the last remaining (very active) DF community on the internet. Try searching their forums for information, or failing that, post there what your problem is - they will hopefully have the expertise to help you.

I hope this guide helps anyone with problems, usually some combination of the above links will work for you Also, feel free to post any links/info you have on this subject, and I'll be sure to include them in this thread.

Happy fragging!

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