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Davin "Look I wouldn't give any chance of doubt that as soon as we are done of what we have to do we'll just continue with our marry little lives. Those Aeges, or what ever you or they call themselves, will most likey have us just dissappear as soon as it is over. If they are that power, then most likey they wouldn't want any of us to remember all of this."

WH Irvine "Except for me obviously."

Davin "Look I'm not sure that this is the end of facing these demons. I can tell you this, I was the first one of these ever created. And I fought them until I died. They don't go away that easily. these might have been just some minor ones."

*Davin walks over to some of the corpses*

Davin 'They don't now the destructive power that some demons have, we're lucky that these don't have any those abilities. Just them being apart of a multi-generation, only means thsoe whom have powers, might be even more stronger then I've faced.'

WH Irvine "Rwos if I may perhaps be some assistence for you. Undoubtfully that even if I break from your party, that you'd still be followed, and be concieved to be a more of a threat then just I alone. I doubt that you wouldn't see him again."
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