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Rwos: The North Pole...that can only mean one thing. Santa Claus really does exist!

*Gilian appears behind the group in a flash of blue light*

Gilian: Rwos! I have something important to tell you!

Rwos: Then there's only one thing to do...we must go to the North Pole and stop Reletha, Lokpihet and their evil minions before---

Gilian: Rwos, stop godmoding. I hadn't even said anything yet.

Rwos: Oh, sorry.

Gilian: Now to business - I have received reports that Reletha, Lokpihet, and some unidentified evil minions (probably all named "Irvine") have been sighted heading for the North Pole. We must stop them before they steal Christmas!

Rwos: To the Cantinamobile! Let's go!

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