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*The doors open. Several Blades exit. A Blade with the top of his head blazing like a torch leads them. Rwos notes that some of the other Blades look shocked to see them, with others clearly expecting it, including the leader. The flaming swordsman's face shows disappointment that he tries to hide*

Rwos: Hello, Shane.

Shane: *to the others* Go on. I'll handle this. *to Rwos* Termand Rwos. *feigning disappointment* This is...a surprise.

Adriana: You sent Hounds after us.

Shane: Oh, I must apologize. A small error. But surely they wouldn't have attacked unless you resisted detainment...and what is in the parcels your friend are carrying?

Rwos: Classified material. Also, you may be surprised to know that your Hounds attacked us on sight. Or maybe you wouldn't.

Shane: Perhaps this should be taken before the Council. I'm sure the new High Sorcerer would know what to do about this situation.

Rwos: No. I have important business to attend to.

Shane: You're refusing a fair Council hearing to resolve this disagreement? Awfully suspicious.

Rwos: I will speak with the Council soon enough. Unless you have a writ of detainment, my companions and I will be leaving now.

*Shane says nothing. After a moment, Rwos walks past him, followed by the others*

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